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BASED: Chicago, IL, United States


Our mission: ensure no one faces mental illness or suicide alone.

That means every single person, of any age, anywhere in the world has access to mental health resources they need to have better quality of life and less risk of death by suicide. It's a huge task. And it's 100% achievable. But we need your help.


Since 2011, NoStigmas has brought together a community of advocates worldwide. It's a community that fosters change on an individual level by standing up to stigmas, educating about the warning signs and symptoms of a mental health crisis and sharing hundreds of stories of hope and inspiration with those who need help. But these numbers pale in comparison to the fact that 1 in 4 people live with a mental illness everyday. We have big plans on how to reach each individual in 2016 and beyond, but we need your help to further these programs.


Your donations have funded Mental Health First Aid trainings so we can put more mental health advocates into our schools and workplaces. Through our Community Outreach Program, we had the opportunity to speak with thousands of people at events and schools throughout North America.


In conjunction with mental health and educational professionals, NoStigmas is developing a NoStigmas Toolkit to provide free of charge to educational professionals. The toolkit will include mental health education resources and media targeted for school-age children. These initiatives, together with our new NoStigmas Project online community forum and wellness directory, are all part of how we plan to put mental health resources within everyone's reach.


Your support is crucial. A donation today will help put mental health advocates into your community to ensure that everyone receives the knowledge and care that they deserve.


Please give what you can to ensure no one faces mental illness alone. Thank you for your generosity of time and spirit of giving. Most of all remember, you are not alone!

Tax ID: 45-1343051 •

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