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North Haven

A 501C3 Nonprofit team that works with families and individuals that have suffered trauma, tragedy and deep loss.

http://www.northhavenpeace.org Tax ID 81-0714513


Team North Haven specializes in working with families and individuals  that have suffered trauma, tragedy and deep loss. We have years of  experience guiding people through their personal healing journeys. There  is no formula for healing from grief and trauma. It is a deeply  spiritual journey that requires a deeply personal approach. Team North  Haven is not just equipped, but we are called to this work. We are currently travelling  the country working with individuals, families and communities that have  experienced insurmountable circumstances in their lives. It has always  been our intention to build a private healing retreat where these  families can seek solace and refuge to purpose time to heal. We are an all-in team, none of us have taken a salary and have sacrificed everything to fund and carry this mission. We have purchased property to begin the process of building a completely self sustaining retreat center to bring these families and individuals at no cost to themselves to purpose the time to heal. Now, we need YOUR help to bring this project to completion. Our building project is scheduled to begin May 15th, 2020.