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NIS Online Educational Program

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October 25, 2010

We raised over $6,000 at the Self Esteem Stomp to produce this amazing educational film. Learn more at  See more

BENEFITING: Normal In Schools

EVENT DATE: Aug 01, 2010


NORMAL IN SCHOOLS is launching into production of its Online / DVD program. The series will be comprised of three 40-minute segments compiled into an online portal so individuals, schools and treatment hospitals can log in and experience the award-winning program instantly. It will target a worldwide audience via internet release and will expand the program’s reach beyond students and educators in middle schools, high schools, and colleges to touch patients in recovery, clinicians, therapists, athletic teams and coaches. Through our online program, NIS will make significant progress in spreading its crucial curriculum – and through that curriculum, hope and healing – to people across the nation and, eventually, around the world.

The first two segments of the NIS Online Program / DVD will be of the award-winning 75-minute rock musical NOR•MAL followed by a talk-back with expert clinicians and people in recovery. This is the heart of the NIS program and has gotten families into treatment. The primary purpose of this segment is to educate audiences about eating disorders, to reduce the shame surrounding mental health illnesses and to inspire treatment so healing can begin. We will begin filming in Winter, 2010 and launch its release by Fall, 2011.

The third 40-minute segment will be comprised of interview footage with expert clinicians and researchers who reveal the latest research about eating disorders, including binge eating disorder. The primary purpose of this segment is to emphasize how full recovery IS possible, to educate about the genetic factors involved in the condition, the need for appropriate care and for insurance to provide ample coverage. NIS hopes to begin filming this portion of the project in 2010-11.


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