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Nite Foundation

Mission: Facilitate the flow of free or low-cost medications to children, low incomes families, and homeless populations in the US, by bridging the gap between manufacturers' donated medications and the clinics that serve patients in need.

https://www.NiteFoundation.org Tax ID 82-2605441

NITE Foundation dba SanRio Health is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 2017, dedicated to providing free or lower cost pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices to independent pharmacies, non-profit clinics and hospitals, and non-profit care centers that provide care to the medically underserved, which includes children, veterans, homeless, elderly and those in poverty.

Our Mission is to reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals and medical devices to patients in medically underserved, low income, and rural areas where patients are less likely to have access to affordable care. By facilitating the flow of free or lower cost medications to providers, we want to create opportunities for everyone to have affordable medication access regardless of their financial abilities.  We are bringing CARE back into Healthcare. 

As a pharmaceutical wholesaler we receive donations from manufacturers and other distributors and partner with providers who are able to distribute these products directly to patients in need.  Our goal is to increase access to costly lifesaving medications through our distribution partners throughout the country, so that every person can get the care they need and deserve.