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Niroga Institute

Dynamic Mindfulness is an evidence-based, trauma-informed program that strengthens stress resilience and social-emotional learning. Mindful action, breathing, and centering are its key elements.

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For fifteen years, the Niroga Institute has worked at the intersection of public education and public health, addressing disproportionately high stress and trauma in underserved communities that contributes to the national mental health crisis among children, high rates of teacher burnout, perennially high truancy and dropout rates in urban schools, and the trillion-dollar school-to-prison pipeline.

In just a few minutes a day, Niroga’s trauma-informed, evidence-based Dynamic Mindfulness (DMind) practices empower children and the adults around them to make good choices, moment by moment, enabling resilient students, teachers, families and communities.  DMind has been field-tested with over 65,000 K-12 students in hundreds of schools nationally: and more than 15,000 educators, mental health professionals and violence prevention officials have been trained in the practice, bringing it to over 500,000 children and youth they serve.

Compelling research findings on DMInd have been published in top-tier, peer-reviewed journals and presented at national and international conferences.  Systematically integrating three components - mindful movement for stress resilience, breath regulation techniques for emotion regulation, and centering practices for focused attention - Niroga’s DMind program is available to anyone anytime anywhere, addressing education equity, the needs of the Whole Child and the Whole Teacher, transforming lives and communities.