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The Nightwatch Foundation, Inc.

The Nightwatch Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of neonatal care by supporting those who watch over our newborns.

www.nightwatchfoundation.org Tax ID 82-2612340


Our mission is to lower the global rate of neonatal deaths by improving local newborn care for both premature and full-term infants that require medical attention.

Our strategy is to 1) Invest in the education of neonatal caregivers, 2) Procure technology that is effective and appropriate,  and 3) Develop a community of caregivers that will advance our cause.

The Nightwatch Foundation will collaborate with institutions that are considered centers of excellence in neonatal care in the region. We are working together with Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital to bring basic neonatal education to the Central American and Caribbean region.

To maximize the impact of limited resources and improve the level of care, Nightwatch will leverage a geographical “hub and spoke” approach. This hub will serve as a centralized knowledge center that supports the spokes.

Over time, our goal is that our alumni and associated hospitals will then in turn become “hubs” for their local communities.