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No Feline Left Behind

It takes the participation of a all human decency to help curb the overpopulation of cats. Also there are community of stray abandoned cats living in colonies that need human kindness and intervention to improve their lives, and control population by spaying and neutering.

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Please click on website for general information about  NFLB.

We like to give every cat a chance which is why we're called No Feline Left Behind. We trap till every last member in the colony we know is there is caught. We personally evaluate the felines possibilities for adoption and take in many so called unadoptable strays due to sickness or temperment that requires longer socialization time.  Or we'll see a mom and her kittens get proper care until weaned and then all are fixed, vaccinated and forever homes are found.  We also have an outside colony we care for of our own.

Because of this we use more resources. The longer a cat stays whether with us or in foster care as we provide the supplies for fosters, the more food and litter consumed just as a simple example. Many need kitten food, which is more expensive than regular cat food.  

Right now we have three that need veterinary care beyond vaccines.  One geriatric cat Cole is in need of having dental care as he has four teeth rotted. We treated his upper respiratory infection and infected eyes for a second time.  His eyes can use some maintenence drops so they don't get reinfected.  

Then we have a young beautiful siamese with eye trouble.  Siamese commonly have eye problems.  Her name is Jade and we're not sure exactly what is going on, but know she has limited vision and would like to get her properly diagnosed and treated.

Last we have one-eyed-Jack.  Very sweet cat about six months old who has one eye that is all white.  It has been determined that his eye is dead and he needs surgery to remove the non-working eye.

Ideally we want to raise $1000 because there will be required lab work, diagnostics and medicine before and after procedures.  In addition to four teeth exctractions along with a dental cleaning, eye surgery which hopefully these can be done outpatient, but there is anesthesia monitoring and who knows how long they'll need follow up care.  

We don't feel this amount is out of line as recently we diagnosed a cat with bladder crystals.  The exam, ultra sound, and labs came to almost $400.

Please help us get medical care for these three strays so then we can find them caring forever homes.