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Inspiration can come in the most unlikely of places but from the most likely person. In 2012 I was competing on a Ukrainian TV show. Through my flight being changed and rerouted through Russian instead of France and having my luggage lost, I arrived very late to the Ukrainian airport. I was stranded in the airport for almost five hours because the channel's worker had already left after waiting for hours and I had lost their phone number in my luggage. I went around asking if someone spoke English to no avail. It was 2am in the morning. Right when I was about to give up, breakdown and cry, I saw a laptop open with the Facebook logo. I turned to see the only other brown toned person in- I don't know how many mile radius. I went up to him to ask if he spoke English. He looked up at me, noticed the desperation in my eyes and responded, "Of Course." We began talking and soon he shared that he was finishing up his medical studies in Ukraine to become an obstetrician. He was from Nigeria. His mother was a respect nurse in the area and wanted to retire and run an Orphanage. I had a moment of, this can't be happening. A wave of 'This Is It' hit me.
I had been looking into running an orphanage since I was a kid and only in my twenties have I really become determined to do so. I was 26 when I was stranded in the airport and met my unlikely angel. To my surprise he was also 26. It was a perfect synchronistic event.

After trying to solely raise the money through a millionaire I know and requiring only $1000 from him, it was suggested to me to try Crowdrise.

Here is some more about me right now. I'm 28, a licensed esthetician from 6 years and a meditation teacher/psychic development mentor. I feel my mission in life is to be of service to those who would accept it. The orphanage I envision will first honor the people and land. Which means I'm not interested in making children more American or changing their faith or religion. This is why I wanted to find people who live in the area to partner with so that the children would still feel connected to their culture and heritage. I will happily volunteer my time to teach English while teaching the children how to calm their minds and empower their lives through simple meditation techniques. Bear in mind, that these tools and techniques would in no way be dogmatic. Please see my youtube channel for more on my techniques at

What we need to make this a reality and help the next generation? First purchasing the land which is around $20,000, the lawyer fee to register the charity is around $2000 and building the haven would be around 30,000 - 50,000. I plan to have a semi self-sufficient holistic house design. I am asking for 22,000 to start. If we exceed that then EXCELLENT and that additional money will go towards building the haven. From the 22,000  the charity will be registered as a california nonprofit and the land secured. I plan to do a whole youtube mini documentary on going to Nigeria and purchasing the land, building the haven, Emmanuel and is mother who is the doctor and nurse and then the smiling faces of young girls and boys who will be supported for the rest of their lives to be a force of good in the world and positive change. Once in The Nex-Us (charity name) is registered, those that are interested in having a tax write off will receive one. I will update when the charity is registered.

What is offered to you for your donation?   For 2 digit donations we will send you a wholehearted thank you. For donations three digits a 15min distant energy healing session. For higher we will send you a personalize thank you video via youtube. Additional ways of thanks may be added later..

I am very committed. You donation would be used with integrity. If this story compels you to want to help, please turn you desire into action and donate. Thank you and Many Blessings!



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