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Next Level Ministries Inc

Next Level Ministries Inc. was founded to be the hands and feet of Christ as we help families in need reach the next level.

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2020 found more families than ever living in challenging circumstances. Loss of income, loss of secure housing, loss of transportation, and loss of family and friends manifests itself in such ways as food insecurity, inability to wash clothes, a lack of transportation and other day to day needs.

While there are programs available to support those in need, they have long waits, limited hours of availability,  layers of needed documentation, or require personal transportation. We've discovered more and more that there are gaps in that path of traditional supports that families in need have been inable to close on their own.  Next Level Ministries Inc. serves these families by providing small goods--such as headphones, shoes, a microwave and services--such as food delivery, washing clothes and transportation to jobs at the time of need.  In addition to this physical support, we offer prayer, encouragement and coaching to help those in need move forward to better choices and circumstances.