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New York Naval Cadet Corps

Honor, Courage, and Commitment. Building Trust; Empowering, and Training Leaders of Tomorrow. For more info: usnyncc@gmail.com

http://usnyncc.org Tax ID 82-3940915


Since 2018 the New York Naval Cadet Corps has been committed to providing American youth with a drug and alcohol-free environment. To foster their leadership abilities, broaden their horizons through hands-on training, and guide them to becoming mature young adults.  The New York Naval Cadet Corps (NYNCC) program is for young people ages 9 through 18.

Today's New York Naval Cadet Corps continues to further the image of our maritime services by adhering to a standardized training program designed to:

Develop an interest and ability in seamanship and seagoing skills Instill virtues of good citizenship and strong moral principles in each cadet Demonstrate the value of an alcohol-free, drug-free and gang-free lifestyle Expose cadets to the prestige of public service and a variety of career paths through hands-on training with our nation's armed service

We are asking anyone and everyone to help contribute to the musical education of these amazing teenagers.

The New York Naval Cadet Corps has been welcomed by the Valley Stream, Andrew Fatscher Post. This is a group of children, 3rd grade to senior in high school, that learn customs and courtesies of the Navy while serving the community. It is much like Navy Sea cadets but not federally funded.They have supported us in the Four Chaplains, Memorial Day Ceremony at Eisenhower Park, placing wreaths at the graves of veterans, and participated in a parade for a WWII veteran in New Hyde Park.