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New Beginnings Wellness Foundation Inc

A Comprehensive Wellness Education Initiative for Schools, Parents and the Community

https://www.nbwprograms.org/ Tax ID 82-4650953


For many years, the New Beginnings Program has provided a comprehensive wellness initiative for schools, parents and communities free of charge. The valuable presentations, class and one-to-one education and true life testimonies have had a substantial impact on youth in our communities. As a result of the recent cuts in state earmarks, the New Beginnings Program has lost 80% of its budget. The drastic reduction in state funding has necessitated the cutting of staff, supplies and other expenditures necessary to effectively reach the youth in our communities.

The New Beginnings Program is facing a critical need for financial resources to sustain the many wonderful services which are currently provided free of charge. For example, there are currently 80 youth from school visits who are receiving counseling services as frequently as once per week. Many students who have been counseled and/or referred to clinics, therapeutic and residential treatment programs have been successful in making life changing decisions.

Such positive changes not only affect the individual but also benefit families, schools and communities. Parental support is also provided through parent meetings and family counseling available through the New Beginnings Program. Without the New Beginnings Program, many of these families would not be able to afford counseling or therapy for their at-risk teens or teens already heavily involved in drug and alcohol addiction.