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New Trinity Community Baptist Church

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My name is Pastor Carlos D. Speights, and we need  URGENT financial assistance. OUR STORY" , New Trinity Community Church (previous known as Trinity Missionary Baptist Church) has been in existence since 1945. For 75 years we have been very active within the community and throughout Ventura Ca. in meeting the needs of those who are less fortunate. Many years ago some land was donated to the church for the sole purpose of building  a new church on it, because our previous location was out dated with no parking  lot for the members, which prove to be very challenging for our senior members. We thought about renovating, but discovered that  the cost to renovate would have far exceeded the cost of building something new. This, building of a new church, is more than just a church, "it's  a family life center".  A place of compassionate care for anybody who has a need, no matter who you are or where you are from.  It will  help us be more effective in meeting the growing needs of the increasing homeless population, drug addiction, poverty, domestic viloence, at risk youth, etc... After many years of sacrificing , on June 3, 2019 we were able to break ground on that property and start the process of  building , but unfortunately since that day we have endured several setbacks and disappointing moments.  We have had donors who said they would financially assist us  in  this life changing project not follow through, and most recently, due to COVID-19, our  private loan lender decided to pull out because of the panick and instability that COVID-19  has caused throughout  the world. 

The project is 71% complete , but at this present time our contractor has shut it down and is taking steps to place liens on the property which will eventually lead to foreclosure if  we do not come up with the $200,000 that's past due. The total balance to complete this project is about  $650,000. We never planned or thought we would ever be  facing  anything like this. We are doing our very best to continue to relentlessly  pursue other financial lenders, but we need your financial support. Will you prayerfully consider helping us so we can continue to help others ? Any amount you choose to donate would be deeply appreciated, and would  help us to move closer to preventing that which would be devastating to so many people, especially those who need  the services and resources  that the church provides. I know and believe that whatever donation you choose to give will make a lasting impact on an individual, families, communities and possibly this world forever. We thank you in advance for your listening ear and caring heart.

New Trinity Comunity Church

Carlos D. Speights, Pastor