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Neurovascular Foundation

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Neurovascular Foundation’s goal is to help individuals with autism and various conditions to improve their health and wellness. Our program benefits those in need by offering free services, including bodywork sessions and minerals.

Over the past five years we have treated and helped hundreds of people with excellent results.

Our focus is to provide better health through the application of the NV Method, a natural way to improve a person's health.

It’s simple.

By improving a person’s structure, you improve their function and, ultimately, their health. When a body has diminished scar tissue and reduced sustained muscular contraction, it results in better posture which produces a healthier internal environment.

In addition to providing service, we are launching our 4th and largest study autism in 2021. Our donors and supporters have been an amazing part of the success of our past autism studies.


Provide the neurovascular method to all those seeking better health.


Change lives through research, education and application of the neurovascular method.