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Networking for Life Inc

"Putting Y.O.U. First!" (Youth Opportunities Unlimited)

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The 3-phase Mission for Networking for Life is to create an educational  foundation of HOPE for children today, by turning them into proactive students. The vision was created in the early 1980's and fully developed in 2005. Networking for Life, at its core, is an educational philosophy that consistently support students, with the goal of encouraging  students  to stay in school longer compared to dropping out of school before they graduate.

In 2005, "Networking for Life - The Educational Process" was plublished. With the support of community members, a local school teacher donated her time and skills to translated our book into Spanish.

Phase I: This fundraiser is to raise funds to have "Networking for Life - The Educational Process" updated and revised into a book with both, English and Spanish in one book and to build an interactive website so students can have access to all student achievement support services 7 days a week, 24 hours each day.

The book contains student friendly activities that allow students to use educational concepts taught in their classrooms to better apply the information to hand's on monthly at-home activities which are personalized for each student. 

One activitity high lighted in the book is the "Essay of Hope" which guides students through creating an outline of personal things they wish to accomplish as they get older. At the completion of their essay, students view their completed document as their blue print for future educational activities. The information can be updated accordingly when required. Students learn to adhere to the activities, as  they created the personal plans themselves.

Another activity high lighted in the book is the "Science of Student Achievement" project allows students to use scientific thought processes to complete their own personal research aimed at students learning to ask questions and how to verify  information before using the data.

Exciting rememberable quote from a student:  As a Public Speaker giving the informational speech about the Networking for Life - The Educational Process to a class of elmentary students, at the end of the presentation, one student Samantha made the statement, "Now, I like doing my homework."   The primary reason for the excitement was because she made the statement in class while the entire class was focused of her. 

In the classroom presentation, the purposes of teachers assigning homework was to give students the opportunity to practice to things when no one else is talking to them. That way they can get better and better each time they practice, because then, when they get older, they have a better chance of doing other things they may like to do. During the presentation, each student had the opportunity to list 5 things they thought they would like to train for, starting now. We referred to those things as future job opportunies which required time for training and time for researching for each student. The presetation ended with the students agreeing that it was nothing wrong with learning something new and all they had to do was practice in order to locate better information.


(In an article recently plublished by Doug Shadel, Outsmart Fraud, he writes about how many people each year become victims because they believed the wrong informatiom causing them to make  decisions that causes future problems. Weapons of Mass Deception is how he describes the power of information.)

Especially today, due to the global COVID-19 virus, students must not befogotten in these difficult times. Our primary obligation to students in Texas is once our book has been revised and printed, is to to contact the Texas Education Agency to recommend  that each Independent  School District purchase a copy of the book for each student enrolled in their schools.

As most school districts have already provided laptops to each of their students, virtual training and support will be provided by our team to build a network designed to keep students connected and educationally engaged.

We recommend that parents and  contact their school PTA members and school distric leasders to advise them of our fundraising efforts and invite them to pariticipate on behalf of their children's long-term educational future.

Future annual fundrasiers will be as follows:

February:        Walk-Run for Education

May:                   SKIP-LUNCH-FEED-EDUCATION

June:                   Essay of Hope

July:                     Science of Student Achievement Project

November:      TEEDS (Texas Early Employee Development Services) - students learn how to better nagigate through the 21st century workplace, with the primary goals of staying employable while increasing their benefit packages. 

Phase II:  From 1992 to 2012, Networking for Life operated a child care facility in Dallas, Texas (Inwood DAy School, then name changed to Networking for Life Child Care).  Networking for Life has plans to start providing child care services with afterschool program activities introducing students to electronics projects and computer networks.

Phase III: As Networking for Life has developed excellent working relationships with local independent medical equipment service providers, the organization  accepts donated medical equipment that is repaired and sold to generate funds that are allocated for building child care facilities starting in North Texas, then continuing across Texas.  

Weekly updates will be provided. Thank you for your support as we focus on various ways to keep students educational connected!

A short 40-year note about myself: During bootcamp for the US Marines Corp, I was selected as the Platoon Guide for Platoon 3132 (6 years). While working for GE Government Services on the SURTASS project protecting our country with the Department of Defense, I was selected for the position of Ship Mission Supervisor(10 years). A new opportunity positioned me to stay in a critical position of supporting our country needs, thus I was selected to become Director of Services in the child care industry while also participating in the medical equipment services as a Manager and Field Service Engineer (20 years). PTA community member (15 years). Also, with the support of Coach Manuel, we coached the Tigers Soccer team for12 great  years. I have always had someone willing to assist me with doing things to assist others. 2020 is a great time to continue the mission. Thank you for your support.

Albert J. Garry

Exceutive Director