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Neighborhood Pets

Friends of the Cleveland Kennel is now Neighborhood Pets.

http://www.neighborhoodpetscle.org Tax ID 27-2026307


Friends of the Cleveland Kennel is now Neighborhood Pets.

MISSION: Recognizing  the many benefits of the human animal bond, Neighborhood Pets supports  people with financial needs by helping them keep their pets in their  homes. We do this by providing access to affordable pet care, resource,  information and other supportive services. Our welcoming environment is  designed to foster trust and crate long lasting relationships as we  build community.

WHAT WE DO: Services are available to any low income Cleveland or East Cleveland  resident at our storefront located in the Slavic Village neighborhood of  Cleveland. Neighborhood Pets offers low cost wellness clinics  & flea/tick prevention & parasite treatment, free spay/neuter  program, access to pet food bank, free education and training classes,  low cost pet supplies and unlimited counseling as needed. For complete  details, check out our Services page.By  providing affordable and accessible basic wellness care, free  spay/neuter and information to pet owners in their neighborhood, we have  become a trusted, permanent resource. The positive relationships we  have established keep pets in their homes.

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