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Neighborhood North Museum of Play

Where playful beginnings create hopeful futures.

https://www.neighborhoodnorth.com/ Tax ID 83-4356071


Neighborhood North: Museum of Play, our county’s first children’s museum, is a place brought to life by community. Children thrive when family, school and neighbors partner together, and we seek to build meaningful relationships within the community in order for all to flourish. At Neighborhood North, our play-based exhibits are thoughtfully designed to provide a variety of hands-on artistic, scientific and social experiences, while creating quality family and friends time. We make these life-changing benefits of play available and accessible to all children - regardless of zip code, appearance, learning ability or financial means.  

We believe curiosity and play can strengthen our community by inspiring all to become the next generation of innovative and creative thinkers. Neighborhood North promotes this by inspiring children, supporting families, and building a creative community where play and learning connect through exploration, hands-on exhibits, and innovative programming.