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Neighborhood Computer Network Center

“If we change a people – we change a family – we change a family – we change a community – we change a community – we change a city….

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The Neighborhood Computer Network Center (NCNC) is seeking to open a Neighborhood Computer Technology Center to educate and train individuals in the use of computers. The primary goal of the center is to provide computer job related training job to individuals who wish to become part of the high tech world of work. Many individuals cannot afford access to computers and are not going to be able to keep up with the rest of society as we move toward a highly technological age.

Many children, as well as adults, who live in our communities, do not have equal access to computers in school or at home. The cost of computers meshed with low income, makes it virtually impossible for them to have computers in their homes. Many suburban and middle income city residents now have not just one, but two computers, tablets and smart phones in their homes. The NCNC will provide them with an upper edge in the job market and at school. By operating a computer center, we will produce a Win-Win situation that will benefit both the community and the NCNC, and help to close the gap in inequities.