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Neighborhood Computer Network Center

Preparing A Generation For Success

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MISSION: To demystify and eliminate the fear of computers, thereby empowering individuals via access to computer technology and fundamental training in order to bridge the Digital Divide.

VISION: It is NCNCs purpose to achieve growth and development as a Community Technology Center that is responsive to the needs of the community we serve, to bridge the Digital Divide by providing enhanced knowledge and training resulting in economic empowerment through employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. 

The Neighborhood Computer Network Center teaches youth, adults and seniors from disadvantaged communities how to understand and manipulate the latest technology by offering Free computer training. Through this vision and mission the NCNC will assist the community in achieving leadership development, family stabilization, community development, and self-determination.

Many of the individuals who will attend the NCNC are unemployed to low income. Quite often those positions lead to unstable incomes and as income is reduced and living expenses increase, individuals often find themselves unable to keep up with their financial obligations. The computer center will offer individuals an opportunity to gain more employment skills and perhaps a chance at better employment opportunities that offer more  job stability.

The Digital Divide