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During the tragic floods of 2016 in South Louisiana and the devastation of Hurricane Harvey in Houston in 2017, three separate nonprofit organizations struggled to meet the overwhelming number of needs around them. The Lord brought three separate organizations together, each a caterpillar within a cocoon waiting for maturation and to be transformed in God’s perfect timing. From these three cocoons, the All In Movement, Wings of the Spirit, and The Provisions Project, God birthed one butterfly in NEEDSERV, a vehicle to attract the children of God and enable them to be a demonstration of His love to others every day.

Whether during a natural disaster or a blue-sky day, we built NEEDSERV to bring together people who need help and don’t know where to get it with people who want to help but don’t know how. Simply put, NEEDSERV was built so we can #bethechurch not just go to church!


NEEDSERV works in partnership with the faith community to serve others during blue sky seasons and times of disaster. Become a partner and we’ll work to identify a coordinator within your organization to serve as our primary point of contact as we work together to make service a way of life within your organization and community.


NEEDSERV was built to make it easier for you to serve the needs of others and get more people involved in doing so. Our comprehensive E3 program and app exist so you can do more with less. We’ll build out an area of the app just for you and then work with your coordinator to identify and train key roles within your organization so they are adequately prepared to identify, track, and serve the needs of your members and community.


Whether in response to a disaster or during a blue-sky day, trained Need Scouts within your organization will begin to identify real needs within your community and enter them into the NEEDSERV App. Other trusted & trained members & volunteers in the app will see the needs as they are entered and begin to serve. Regardless of age, skills, or interest, every member of your organization can get involved. Some will choose to serve face-to-face while others may just want to pray or give.