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Dear Family & Friends,

My friend Gordon Gray has daughters that have been diagnosed with Batten CNL6, a rare neurodegenerative brain disease that is fatal. Children with this disease loose their ability to walk, talk, feed themselves, breathe on their own and eventually pass away. The disease progresses rapidly and children usually do not live past the age of 12. Their daughter Charlotte is already showing signs and in the last few months, walking and talking has become very difficult for her. If you have a moment, please view the short video about their story and struggle located on the right.

Kristen and Gordon Gray have spent this past year tirelessly fundraising and have put together a medical research team that is working on a treatment which can potentially save their daughters. The NCCPT is joining the cause to help raise funds for the girls. I ask that you please find it in your hearts to do one of the following:

1) You can join us and donate now through this fundraising site. The money raised will be used for immediate treatment on both Charlotte and Gwenyth and every donation, big or small, will make a difference; or

2) Join the team and become a fundraiser with your own page so you can help us tie into your personal network. It's simple to set up and we can help make it happen for you. Here is the link to the main page where you can join the cause:

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

John Platero
The National Council for Certified Personal Trainers


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Pranno Law, PLLC

Pranno Law, PLLC


4 years ago

The Platero Family

The Platero Family


What beautiful little girls. I cannot imagine this happening to my boys. I pray try can be saved. 4 years ago