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Nation of Visions

Igniting and Sustaining Hope &Visions

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Nation of Visions is a faith based 501(c3) nonprofit organization.

We inspire, equip and invest in individuals, communities and organizations by providing excellent solution with excellent spirit to move them from the place of poverty to a place of stability, prosperity and legacy.

Nation of Visions has the potential to comprehensively address many of the physical and social deficits that have plagued the Liberian people for generations. For years, Liberians have suffered from many issues including poverty, poor hygiene and health, and malnutrition which has ultimately led to premature death. Nation of Visions aims to invest in the people of Liberia to overcome this epidemic by providing and promoting leadership, education, vocational skills training and job opportunities.

● Principle: At Nation of Visions, we believe everyone is born with a purpose and potential given by God. If we can inspire Liberians to uncover their purpose, equip theirlives and invest in their potential; they can make their potential a reality.

● Past: Nation of Visions was birthed to bring solutions to the aforementioned issues in Liberia. Liberia was plagued by 14 years of civil war and the Ebola epidemic that took the lives of quarter of a million citizens and left many devastated, hopeless, and in a state of perpetual poverty.

Present: Contaminatedwater, poor nutrition, lack of access to health services, inadequate education, poor housing conditions, mental stress and a host of other issues are the norm in the Nation of Liberia leading to the cycle of poverty.

Proposed: Conferences, summits and workshops are held regularly to train Liberian citizen volunteers to become Nation of Visions Ambassadors. Ambassadors come from all walks of life and they are the catalyst of change in their respective families, communities and organizations. Nation of Visions inspires, equips and invests in individuals, communities and organizations to help move them from the place of poverty to a place of stability, prosperity and legacy.