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National School Climate Center

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The National School Climate Center (NSCC) helps schools integrate crucial social and emotional learning with academic instruction to enhance student performance, prevent dropouts, reduce violence, and develop healthy, positively engaged adults.

Collaboration with school communities across the nation has revealed students are consistently rating social-emotional security (bullying, harassment, teasing, etc.) as a concerning and core challenge. To directly address the challenges of social-emotional security, BullyBust: Promoting a Community of Upstanders campaign was launched by NSCC in 2008 to provide critical free resources and tools to help students and adults work collaboratively to prevent harmful teasing, harassment, violence, and exclusion. Since its launch, more than 2,700 partner schools and over 1 million students across the country have joined this global effort to stand against bullying.

Our goal is to empower youth to take a lead role in bully prevention efforts.  By taking this leadership role, students encourage upstander behavior– people who stand strong against bullying and act in a safe way to prevent negative situations from occurring. Our work continues with the support of dedicated schools and community members working to promote environments of kindness and acceptance.