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National Hand Dance Association

“To Preserve, Educate and Promote the Art Form of Hand Dance”.

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Support the National Hand Dance Association

Dear Friends and Prospective Friends of Hand Dance,

Over the years, the National Hand Dance Association (NHDA), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has been able to elevate and broaden the public’s awareness of Hand Dance. Hand Dance, an improvisational form of swing style partner dancing, began its roots in the Washington, DC area. This rich tradition, shared from generation to generation among family, friends and strangers of all ages, evolved from jitterbug, to fast dance, and eventually to Hand Dance. In 1993, 2001, and 2011 Hand Dance was included in The Smithsonian Institution’s Folk Life Festival on the National Mall 

in Washington, DC. Today, Hand Dance is recognized as a traditional folk form and national treasure by America’s historical institution.

The impact of Hand Dance has grown over the past few years. Dancers hailing from different areas of the country have been active in this social form of partner dancing. Dancers, elementary age, and those considered to be more “seasoned”, have shared the dance history and performed Hand Dance in several NHDA supported venues. People from all around recognize the social, as well as the emotional value of our dance; thus, acknowledging the impact Hand Dance has had on our community for decades.

NHDA’s mission is “To Preserve, Educate and Promote the Art Form of Hand Dance”. Today our most pressing effort, the “why” we exist, is to ensure that the legacy of Hand Dance continues to endure through these times of uncertainty. As non-profit organizations have had to examine overall programming, we too have had to make unforeseen adjustments. NHDA canceled Hand Dance showcases, formal youth activities and workshops, as well as planned fundraising events. Unfortunately, the “how” for our existence, our continued administrative costs, have significantly adversely affected our operations and programming budgets.

We are considering providing new programming platforms for all as we await the time that partner dancing is not only acceptable, but most importantly, safe to resume. Our operational expenses, unfortunately, are not as flexible or forgiving.

We would like for you to support NHDA’s promotion of the synchronicity, the rhythm of our sway, our area’s tradition, DC Hand Dance. Please make your tax-deductible donation of any amount to the National Hand Dance Association.

Thank you in advance for your donation.