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National Civility Association

Our true passion is to teach the power of civility, leadership and character to students, educators and community leaders throughout our nation through our Civility Summits.



No one can argue that our society is losing the ability to have a civil or kind discussion. And we want to change that.

We are a nonprofit  501(c)3 organization that is passionate about bringing civility, leadership and character to our world through Civility Summits. We see opportunity each day for our world to be a happier, more positive, and kinder place. We have built a proven model  and we get to the core issue through our Civility Summits.


The world is rampant with disrespect, bullying, incivility, violence, racism, opioid epidemic, scandals, suicide, social isolation, and the list goes on and on. Isn't it time we do something?! WE THINK SO! Our "why" lies within these issues listed above. We want to improve not only civility, leadership and character within communities we also want to drastically improve mental health.


Educating, engaging and empowering student and adult leaders to work side-by-side with each other is what we do day in and day out. Our Civility Summits (aka "conference," but WAY more), are the "kick-off event" to making your school community stronger than ever. The keynote, breakout sessions, working lunch, and final "FindTheKind" action plan ultimately impact every individual in your schools, businesses, communities and homes. 

Our proven process succeeds because we go way beyond one-and-done events by creating lasting culture change and transformation through on-going social media engagement.