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Nashville Idd Housing Group

Our Place Nashville empowers adults with developmental disabilities by providing homes that are affordable, work that is meaningful, and inclusive communities in which to live.

www.ourplacenashville.org Tax ID 47-4044537


     Our Place Nashville is the only organization in middle Tennessee that provides affordable housing for adults with developmental disabilities, just as cities across the nation become increasingly unable to adequately address housing shortages, especially for vulnerable populations.  Our Place Nashville is creating a replicable and scalable model that levels the playing field for those who are frequently left behind.  

      Our key program is our Friendship Houses, each of which accommodates residents both with and without developmental disabilities by placing individuals with disabilities (“friends”) alongside graduate students, primarily from Vanderbilt Divinity School, and older adults.  They live together as peers, with the students and older adults providing some voluntary supports and the friends teaching their fellow residents about living life with different abilities. 

     Our main partners in this work are two non-profit providers of affordable housing.  They provide the physical building while Our Place Nashville provides the supports our resident friends need to live on their own.

     We currently have 30 residents in two Friendship Houses, with a third Friendship House opening in July, and two more in 2020, for a total of five Houses.  We will be nearly tripling in size in the next year-and-a-half from 11 friends and 19 students to 31 friends, 28 older adults, and 23 graduate students.

     Your donations make a transformative difference not only in the lives of our friends, but in the lives of their families.   One of our mothers wrote, “My husband and I can’t thank you enough for the way you have embraced our son. It was so important to us that he not move out into a place and then sit by himself. He deserved something good to happen and it surely has. Thank you so much for respecting our son.”  Another said, “You have made it possible for us to move farther, faster than [my son] has ever come before. You have given me something to hope for, when for years I have been nothing but desperate.”