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Nasarean.org has a twofold purpose – aid and advocacy for Persecuted Christians throughout the world, but with a particular focus on the Middle East – the “Cradle of Christianity”.

https://nasarean.org Tax ID 81-3028517


Initially through donations and the Arabic “N” or “Nun” materials, Nasarean.org supported the feeding and housing of the numerous Christians refugees in Iraq and Syria. The Arabic “N” materials, first launched by Nasarean.org in September, 2014 and copied by many – are still an important sign of solidarity with Persecuted Christians and our products continue to help them.

Nasarean.org’s unique role in aiding persecuted Christians to stay in their countries is supporting and encouraging mini micro-financing to create small businesses – what we call “Project Jonah” - to help families rebuild their lives, feel empowered, and break the culture of dependency.