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Service to poor,needy and Disabled Peoples.

https://www.narayanseva.org/ Tax ID 33-0928054


We are an organization that helps the differently able individuals realize their hopes, dreams, and ambitions and help those who need just a little extra support. So far, Narayan Seva Sansthan and its tireless team with the noble reverences have helped over 418750 individuals free of cost corrective surgeries and we don't intend to stop. Apart from corrective surgeries, we also provide free of cost education to children from tribal belts and vocational training programs in employable skills for differently-abled & needy adults. Our other initiatives involve free of cost mass weddings & Divyang Talent shows that focus upon the social rehabilitation of people in need.

Our aim is to create an inclusive society, where people with disabilities are accepted into the mainstream economy and social life. We believe that every single person is special and talented and is just looking for a chance to excel.