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Native American Professional Parent Resources Inc (Native American Professional Parent Resources (NAPPR), Inc.)

NAPPR Empowers, Educates, and provides supportive services to build healthy children, families and communities.

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Native American Professional Parent Resources, (NAPPR) Inc. is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and was founded in 1981. Since that time, NAPPR has established itself as an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and serving 400+ Native and Non-Native American families across a four county area. In addition to direct services to families with young children in these four counties, NAPPR also serves a much wider geographic range through the Albuquerque Area Dental Support Center.

NAPPR includes four distinct programs that aim to strengthen the communities we serve by increasing and supporting healthy families through a range of services. Early Intervention serves families (both Native and Non-Native American) who have infants/toddlers who are experiencing developmental delays or who have risk factors for developmental delays. NAPPR's Tribal Home Visiting provides Universal home visiting using a culturally based model for Native American families with children prenatal through age five. The Early Head Start program has center and home based services for Native and Non-Native American families with children prenatal through age three.  The Dental Support Center provides assistance for  IHS, tribal and urban Dental Clinics across New Mexico, southern Colorado and El Paso, Texas.

All programs and services are supported through a combination of state, federal, United Way, and private funding/donations.