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NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore

Improving the lives of individuals living with mental illness and their families through education, support, and advocacy.


At NAMI Metropolitan Baltimore we believe that every person affected by mental illness can have an effective voice. Together, we help rebuild lives devastated by our or a loved one’s mental illness and vigorously promote greater understanding of the disorders. We do this through peer support groups, peer and community education and advocacy- and lots of love, tears, and yes, humor. We empower family members and individuals living with mental illness to share their stories with their peers and with the larger community. We know that stigma is reduced with every story we tell and every conversation we have.

“I have learned to advocate for myself. I am more able to communicate my problems or needs to my psychiatrist. I will always remember that NAMI is where I first learned to stand up and fight.” –NAMI Peer to Peer graduate