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Oregon's largest mental health education, support, and advocacy organization.

www.namior.org Tax ID 93-0875209


We are a statewide grassroots organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals living with mental illness, as well as their families and loved ones. In conjunction with our 15 local chapters, or affiliates, we serve all Oregonians through our education and support programs at the state and local levels.

NAMI also advocates at all levels of government and within health care systems and other community settings for improved access to quality treatment and support services and for universal acceptance of mental illness for what it is — an illness that responds to treatment and support.

NAMI members, volunteers and leaders are all people with direct lived experience with mental illness. Some are individuals living with mental illness, some are family members with a loved one with mental illness, some are parents or caregivers raising a child with mental illness. Many fall into multiple categories.

We take to heart the conclusion of The President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health: “Mental illness is not a scandal — it is an illness. And like physical illness, it is treatable.”