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My Vector

Equity for every child, family, and community.

www.myvector.org Tax ID 83-1328587

Mission Statement: Every child will have access to sparks that ignite their passions, every family will have partners along the path, every community will be the beacon that illuminates the way. 

Our Vision:  Create ACCESS (Aerospace career & college exploration system for students) for all students through free virtual programs, online program support, and Pop Up events around Oregon.

My Vectors is a collaborative initiative between families, educators, corporate sponsors, communities and academia to bring STE(A)M education to rural and other underserved populations in the state of Oregon. An IRS approved 501(c) 3, My Vectors is dedicated to making Aerospace based education available to all children throughout the state regardless of their financial means or access to programs that are now commonplace in most urban areas and among more affluent groups. My Vectors uses professional, renowned educators from primary/secondary schools, reputable colleges, and universities, and other nonprofit entities to provide cutting edge, immersive, and inclusive hands-on educational opportunities to students. This exists as a supplement to the education students currently receive in their own school environments, with the goal of giving rural/underserved students improved—and eventually equal—opportunities to pursue careers in STEM fields and to excel as professionals and individuals, regardless of where they come from. 
          My Vectors uses a combination of mobile equipment and dedicated spaces to conduct curriculum that covers all areas of STE(A)M education in individual and group projects that incorporate all student learning styles and executive functioning skills. With content designed and approved by our partners, including the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and in partnership with technology and volunteer support by corporate entities like Google and Nike, My Vectors works to help these groups with their long-range recruiting of potential employees and their larger missions to add quality students and individuals to their specialized industries. Taken together, this gives rural/underserved students opportunities for future success in personal growth and professional development that heretofore have been more difficult to realize than for their urban counterparts.