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My Darling Theo Foundation

Animals: domestic, farm and wild must be valued as allies in our communities

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<p><strong> My Darling Theo Foundation</strong> exists to create pet safe and environmentally sustainable neighborhoods in communities across America. By offering community focused programs such as the Dog Park Fund where dog lovers, business owners and developers can engage and support efforts to increase green spaces for dogs.</p> <p><strong>Pet Foster Support Network</strong> ( Until I find a Home ) provide a platform for people interested in Pet Foster and those actively supportive of established Pet Foster Programs to communicates accomplishments, needs and challenges to like minded people while getting comunity based organizations and for profit businesses involved in the discussion.</p> <p><strong>Theo&#39;s Kids </strong>are resources for adults who wish to raise children to become: well rounded, healthy, productive, creative, intelligent  = complete adults who value the natural world which surround them and that is vital to their human development.</p> <p><strong>Humane Education:</strong> Through Animal Imagery we can empathize and learn lessons from our non human  companions. Our unique publication explore the beauty and relavance of the natural world via imagery, literature, technology, architecture.</p> <p><strong>PetHoods</strong> is a developing complementary program to engage realtors, developers, landlords, people working toward affordable housing and small business owners to invest in their communities pledging to make space for the animals who call our communities home too.</p> <p><strong>Welcome </strong>- we are delighted you have taken a interest in our vision for animals nature and the children who will inherit the earth visit <a href="http://www.mydarlingtheo.org" target="_blank">MyDarlingTheo </a>to learn more <a href="http://npo.justgive.org/MyDarlingTheo" target="_blank">- thank you for your support.</a></p>