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Myanmar Christian Church of Metro Chicago

COVID - 19 Relief Fund $ 50000 goal


Due to the global pandemic, COVID-19, many Myanmar ,Zomi , Kachin , Kaya , Kayin ,Chin ,Mon , Rakhine , people around the world suffer from the disease and obey the stayed home o rder from Government authorities. Many places in the world like Malaysia, India, Thailand and Myanmar,  the victims of COVID-19 do not have enough access to medical treatments and foods in their residing country due to the lack of supports from the government. 

Myanmar Christian Church ( MCC ) is helping and supporting Zomi people to those who are infected with COVID-19 to get their treatment and basic needs such as foods, medicine and shelter. MCC  is also helping and distributing Personal Protective Equipments (PPE's) to those who are voluntariry working in the Myanmar community to take precautionary measures. 

You can help peolpe and save lives by donating to our cause.

Thank you for your donation!!!

Myanmar Christian Church ( MCC )


COVID-19 pulnatna hangin leitung mun tuamtuam a om Kawlgam mi Myanmar ,Zomi , Kachon ,Kaya ,Kayin , Chin , Mon , Rakhine te in haksatna tampi tuah hi. A diak in Malaysia, India, Thailand leh Kawlgam sunga om mite in hamsatna tuak pha diak hi. A hangin gam-uk kumpite in a kilawm bangin zatui bawlna le nisim nek ding an leh tui huhna pialo uhhi. 

Nang pek khat pek nih huhna hangin mitam pi nuntakna na hon khia thei hi.

Na piak khiatna hangin lungdam ung!

Myanmar Christian Church ( MCC )