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My Sisters Kids A Nj Nonprofit Corporation

My Sisters' Kids, Inc. was organized in response to a great need for grieving children, teens, and families to be supported after a love one dies. After having two of my sisters die from cancer, after long heartwenching battles, I am a first hand witness to the impact and devastation the loss of a parent has on children and teens. At 22, my oldest sister lost her battle leaving behind 3 young children. When the hospital chaplain visited our house I remember thinking that we were surely going to be guided to a place where we as a family could receive the support we so very much needed. When that didn't happen, I thought about how are we going to navigate this very impactful loss? We tried to do what was best (our hearts were willing; but we were hurting too).So lost in our own grief we found ourselves creating a new normal for the children and ourselves. Then at 25, my dad died suddenly! We now have to readjust once again. My mom and dad were raising my sister's kids, which left my mom a single parent with 3 kids to raise. My mom did live long enough to see them into adulthood. Keep in mind that there are also siblings, nephews, and nieces, that were affected by these losses. We were always in survival mode. Fast forwarded to 2011, when our family would once again have a monumental death occur when my second sister died from cancer leaving behind a 10 yr old daughter. By this time, I had started an adult support group where I could finally start processing my pent up pain and hurt from the multiple losses in my life. In doing this, I realized that the adults had a safe place to go, but, what about the children and teens. I believed then and now know that children and teens who are given support in a peer group after the death of a loved one will be able to make healthier choices as they grow into adulthood. Now, I would come to realize what my mission is! So that's why we have a safe place in our community for families to come with their children for peer support. The most popular comment I hear when sharing about our program from the people in the community is 'I wish there was a program like My Sisters' Kids when I lost my mom or dad'. We have served many children, teens, and families, in our South Jersey community since we begin in 2013. Our programs are free and we provide a nourishing meal before we begin each group. We believe that by providing a social environment and a meal together, this creates an opportunity for bonding together, and will break down barriers and open up communication as we move into our group time. We are currently working hard to get our program into our schools. (We currently serve two schools). We are growing and need funding to sustain our growth. Last year we had our first summer camp day and this year we will be doing camp days on two different days. We see the evidence of our program's effectiveness and hear the testimonies of the parents, grandparents, and caregivers of our children and teens, of the positive changes it makes in these young lives. We are all about preventing future challenges by instilling healthy coping skills and wise decision making in our groups. Will you please join us by supporting our cause to see that no child, teen, or family, will have to grieve alone!!! Thank you very much!

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