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Mustangs Mend

Healing horses, healing humans.

https://mustangsmend.org Tax ID 82-1787849


Mustangs MEND is a registered 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization. We are currently located in Sublimity, OR. We facilitate the healing of both mustangs and survivors of trauma through the principles of Mindfulness, Empathy, Nurturing, and Dignity. Survivors learn basic horse handling skills and then move through a process of gentling a wild mustang so that it will be best equipped to adapt to its new life in a human world. Survivors will work closely with a mentor-trainer and process successes and difficulties throughout the gentling process. Both survivors and mustangs will learn how to heal and create connection to the world around them as a way of coping with previous trauma. Mustangs MEND believes that both horse and human will come out on the other side of this process with positive coping mechanisms and a new sense of healing.