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Mun Impact

Connecting today's youth and empowering tomorrow's leaders through Model United Nations

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MUN Impact is working to make Model United Nations available everywhere. We use this popular academic activity to connect youth through free online and easily accessible programs in a way that develops their awareness of important global issues, particulalry the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs), deepens their empathy for their peers, and fosters their leadership in a way that empowers them to be active global citizens. Run by students for students, MUN Impact  has mentoring and service at the center of everything it does. 

At a time of deep disruption in young people's lives due to COVID-19, MUN Impact continues its mission of fostering the conversations and skill sets needed both now and in a post-COVID-19 world. Through online courses, guest speakers, peer-to-peer SDG Briefings and live, online tutorials, young people are building this truly global online community. 

MUN Impact seeks to expand its reach, deepen its engagement and empower more youth in every country and on every continent. With your help, MUN Impact can help them do just that!