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Mt Kilimanjaro for the Dolphins

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If I'm going to climb up 5895 meters, a whole 1000 meters than the highest point of Europe, I'm going to do it for a good reason!!!

Every year along Japan's coastline, around 20,000 dolphins and small whales loose their lives at the hands of a small group of hunters who are using these animals as money makes. Families are ripped apart, babies separated and dumped at sea to suffer a slow death, while the rest of the pod is either having a spike in the back to severe their spinal cord, or stolen from the ocean and sold to marine parks all over the world to live a life in captivity - a life where they are forced to perform unnatural tricks just to earn a meal. In a small town called Taiji, a small group of hunters head out in 12 boats to locate un expecting families of dolphins and using long metal poles which they hit to scare the dolphins, heard them in towards a shallow cove where they are sealed off, and selected for either a life in a tank, or as a slab of meat. Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project are a charity who base themselves on the ground in Taiji every year from September through to March, when this horror takes place. They document each capture, each slaughter, and expose it to the world in the hope that public awareness will get this industry shut down - but they need our help!

Mt Kilimanjaro is the tallest free standing mountain in the world and in February 2016, I will attempt to climb to the summit of this mountain along with my friend, Miranda. It will be an amazing personal achievement for me, but more importantly, any money sponsored to me for doing this will go to Dolphin Projects cause, and assit them with items and equipment that they so desperately need in order to keep the world up to date with what is going on. So many of my friends showed me such support when I flew to Taiji to help document these horrors, I now ask once more that you show your support for these animals and help me in my goal of raising money for this great cause. These animals need our help, so regardless of how much you can assit me with, please do your bit and together, we can get this stopped!



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