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More Than Basketball


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Our mission is to use basketball as a foundation to educate, develop, and deliver quality physical, mental, and emotional programs based on the MTB Philosophies and Values for our youth.


MTB will provide the tools and resources to the athlete to develop life-long skills. We will establish a fun and educational environment that will lead to on and off the court success. We will seek to accomplish our goals by providing:

- Open Registration

- Player Development

- Positive Coaching

- Parenting Partnership

The 3 Pillars 

The 3 pillars of MTB are: Physical, Mental, and Emotional. All three are emphasized throughout the organization for the athlete. The pillars are structural components to achieve optimal performance and excellence on and off the court.


The values that are emphasized throughout the organization are: 

- Integrity
- Respect
- Self-Esteem
- Unity
- Family Oriented
- Positivity
- Sportsmanship
- Accessibility
- Resiliency
- Humility
- Leadership
- Passion
- Purpose
- Pursuit of Personal Excellence