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Unlike charter schools, The Mustard Seed School is a private school (which my children attend and pay full tuition). However, 50% of the children in the program are on nearly full scholarship to attend this school. As a result, we must fund raise every year to support the financial aid program. As you can imagine the parent community (at least 50% of them) do not have the means to donate, so a large portion of funds come from outside sources – mostly individuals. I am Head of the Development committee and Secretary to the Board and give much of my limited free time and financial resources to supporting the school. I have seen the impact the diversity of the school has had on my children and it is wonderful. We have raised over $625,000 this year and have given out over $1 million in financial aid for the year. In a school of 210 students, this is incredible. However, it does come with a cost. During the financial crisis, although donations were down, we did not stop our financial aid program. We allowed student to continue their studies – many of which live below the poverty line or would qualify for a free lunch program.


I am committed to reaching our to important leaders in education, people like you, to ask your support for a special science and technology lab I am trying to build for the school. The cost of this lab and associated technology is $150,000.


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EB Gift to Seed project

EB Gift to Seed project

DONATION: $50,000

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