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Carl Matthew Dobbs' Fundraiser:

Learn computer programming. $100 goes to Red Cross per student per 4 hour class.

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BENEFITING: American Red Cross

EVENT DATE: May 01, 2013

Carl Matthew Dobbs


     I am a professional computer scientist specializing in database creation. I have 20 years of experience.  I am now offering classes at $135 per hour to students who wish to participate in a virtual classroom over the Internet. I am willing to donate $100 per hour for each student hour that is generated by this campaign. That means if a student pays $135 per hour and goes through the 16 hour beginners course, The Red Cross will get $1,600 The more students, the more money. If I serve 100 students like this, The Red Cross will get $160,000. But there could be ten times that amount over time.   My hope is to direct at least $1,000,000 to The American Red Cross over a year's time or perhaps it may take more or less.

       Training will be over the Internet using NetMeeting.  If you live near Washington D.C., classes can be done at the Oxon Hill Library on Oxon Hill Road in Oxon Hill, MD.

      My training will give you better (by far) information than almost all college and training schoos courses on the subject of computer programming with MS Access.  You'll learn data modeling, VBA Code (extensively), SQL, form design, query creation, report building, testing and more.  You will receive full cycle development.

       There is no end to how much you can learn.  Initially, you will have 10 classes for the beginners.  There will be 10 classes for intermediate.  10 for advanced intermediate, 10 for advanced and 10 for professional quality training.  After graduating I can give personal instruction for problems you may find on the job where advanced skills are required.

      IMPORTANT: The first 5 students to sign up will receive 10 lessons free of charge.

      The first 50 students, after these first 10 responding to this drive, will receive their classes for only $75 per hour.  $40 will be donated to The Red Cross from this donation.  Also, if you are legally disabled, ask about a discount rate for the disabled.  Classes are now forming on Saturdays.  Class times: 8 AM, 12:30 Noon and 5 PM.  Class duration: 4 hours.

      Right now other similar instructors charge $135 or more per hour for the same service. Others more, a few less.  Yet most of these have no real experience in making professional quality databases.  My 20 years of experience is rare in that I can give you training in real-world situations.  This means that each student will actually learn far more and better information than if they went to a trade school or college. Why?  Teachers who have never actually worked as a computer scientists are at a great disadvantage, and so are their students who learn techniques that are unrealistic in the real world.  They simply don't know that their superficial education is sadly lacking in depth and quality, having no real value in creating professional work except at the most menial level in comparrison. 
     The programming subjects: Data modeling, MS Access, SQL, proper design, user friendliness, VBA computer code, report generation, search engines etc. I'll give you lessons for real-life programming in a professional environment.

      In addition,  I will help you create a cover letter, a resume and give you a database I created that will help keep track of your job search and blast their resume to recruiters with the touch of a button, saving you money by eliminating the need for resume blaster services.  I'll teach you how to do a proper job search and do well in an interview too!  (Having been an employer for decades, I know what to teach!) A  certificate of completion will be awarded that can be given to a prospecdtive employer.

      Please spread the word.  I will provide the best of service and help The Red Cross with most of the proceeds!

      Have questions?  Write Carl Dobbs a meal.  I will respond to as many as I can.




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