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MRPS Partners in Education Corporation

Serving our Students; Connecting our Community

https://www.mrpspie.org/ Tax ID 83-3359129


purchasing needed resources, or paying for services, learning and enrichment opportunities directly;
providing financial resources to our MRPS schools to carry forth work aligned with MRPS PIE’s mission;
providing direct grants, scholarships, or financial support to MRPS students and families; or
by other means approved by vote  and determined by the board to be in furtherance of the mission.

To provide opportunities for enrichment at Montpelier Roxbury Public Schools, build community, serve as a vehicle for information and advocacy for parents and the community at large, and provide other support to MRPS students, with the goal of helping all MRPS students learn and thrive.

MRPS PIE supports the goals and ambitions of the school community together.  We provide financial and volunteer assistance for enrichment activities and resources, advocate for strong schools, and bring the Montpelier and Roxbury school parent groups and the community together.

MRPS PIE is an umbrella organization consisting of all existing parent groups at the four member schools (UES, MSMS, MHS and RVS) that are hereby established as subcommittees under this organization.   MRPS PIE endeavors to help organize, support, and increase fundraising potential for each of these subcommittees under this Corporation.

MRPS PIE and its Parent Group subcommittees may carry forth its charitable mission by:

All charitable expenditures will be made in accordance with MRPS PIE financial and fundraising policies, and IRS regulations.