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Mrbubblez provide a shower, new undergarments and a pair of socks, clean clothing, HHbags (hygiene items, face mask and hand sanitizer) to the homeless.

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Mrbubblez Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to provide a safe and secure facility for homeless individuals to take a hot shower when given the opportunity, with clean clothing, new pair of socks, new undergarments and a complete healthcare and hygiene bags which can be utilized multiple times that start the transformation.

Where can I take a shower? This is the question the homeless ask each day.

After several years of experience supporting many initiatives dealing with the homeless population, it became even more evident to the Founder and CEO of Mrbubblez Inc. that no reliable and accessible resources existed to take hot showers. We conduct an extensive research for mobile shower providers both nationally and locally, it was clear that this need was growing and lacked a solution. Out of this critical need, Mrbubblez Inc. was born.

Our service delivery model is innovative, as we are the first mobile shower provider in Hillsborough County area.

Mrbubblez Inc. can provide homeless families, men, and women with an opportunity to restore their self-esteem and pride.

Our showers are mobile, we can meet individuals where they are in the community and ensure that they have an opportunity to care for themselves and gain confidence to go out to find opportunities to move forward to self-sufficiency.

We have severed the community with over 750 hot showers, transported over 1800 pieces of clothing, over800 hygiene bags, over750 pair of socks and undergarments.

Meet one of our clients.

There are many stories that we could share, but the story of one of our client name David. David's smile is long time coming. David stated, " I had no reason to smile for six months, but today I find a reason." David was so happy he had just received a hot shower, clean clothing and felt the love from our volunteers. A smile is priceless.

Providing showers allows our clients the basic dignity of cleaning themselves and gives them the encouragement and care they need to make it one more day.

Our motto is “I See You & I Care.” We live out this motto by treating each person with respect and honoring their humanity by providing these essential services.

Mrbubblez Inc. needs a dependable van to be able to support all our logistical needs before, during or after each shower events. The van will be used to carry our Care supplies (clothing, cleaning supplies, healthcare and hygiene bags, dressing hubs, face mask and hand sanitizer etc). The van will enable us to freely use the vehicle when needed  without any restrict or limit to the areas we can travel too. This will also enable us to continue providing our valuable services to the unserved areas of Hillsborough county and the surrounding counties where our homeless neighbors need this life-transforming service.

How can you help?

We cannot do it without the Tampa Bay community and friends like you to help us raise the funds to purchase the Van of Hope. Your generous gift will help us reach our goal and serve more people in the years to come.

Please share with your family, friends, and people in your community, to help us keep the water flowing in 2021.

Help us Spread the Word!

Mrbubbblez Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

All donations that are given to Mrbubblez Inc. is 100% used to provide shower services to the homeless population throughout the year.