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Movin' On Out - Help Visionary move to safer and more family-friendly location.

Mickey Mounarath


We need your help at Visionary School for the Performing Arts . We are trying to raise money to move to a safer location that is more family-friendly. The money will be used to pay off our existing lease, used as a down payment for the new building, and for construction/preparation needs in the new building. We are also two doors away from a smoke shop and hookah lounge just recently opened up right next door to us! This is a concern for our parents and we are worried about the safety of our children. This is turning away new and existing parents/students from the Visionary family and experiencing our love of the performing arts. We are also currently located on a very busy street (El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego). At night the area can be unsafe. Our older students and professional dancers must always walk as a group to their cars so that they can be safe. About Us Here at Visionary, we have students ranging from 4 years old to adults. We are a growing performing arts center that enriches our surrounding community. Our mission is to make the arts accessible. We achieve this by keep our rates the lowest in the county. We feel that the performing arts can change lives for the better. We do not close our doors to those that have the passion for the arts but do not have the means. We provide a large number of performing arts scholarships to the community in efforts to help spread our love of the performing arts. At times, our scholarships outnumber our paying students. We additionally partner and do outreach with local public schools. We enrich their Performing Arts departments by having our professionals participate and contribute to the experience and the education of the students. We also hire local artists on a project basis to enrich our students as well as provide paying jobs for local artist. Under our Production Team, we are able to produce local performing artists in a profit sharing model by providing a venue, tech. help, advertising, etc. so that they can focus on creating art. This provides a platform for the new artists and those that don't have the means to produce their work. We additionally produce musical theatre productions and use community members as well as professionals. This provides experience, opportunity, and as well as an outlet for non-professional performers. We do a great many things here at Visionary. Please help us in our goal in sharing our love of the performing arts and providing a safer, more nurturing environment to our students and families.




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