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The Move for Mind Foundation, a New Jersey Non-Profit Corporation

Move for Mind

https://www.moveformind.com Tax ID 84-3942415


The Move for Mind Foundation was founded with the belief that physical health is a key component of mental health, and one cannot exist without the other. The mission of The Move for Mind Foundation is to promote awareness, create an open dialogue, and provide philanthropic support for mental health through community events, programming, and partnerships.  We believe movement can save lives, and we're here to show that.

For example, we are currently working to develop and launch our flagship program, Move for Recovery. Through this program, Move for Mind will collaborate with drug and alcohol addiction recovery facilities, businesses, and individuals to bring movement into the lives of those going through drug and alcohol addiction recovery programs. There is proven science behind the positive effects physical activity has on the mind, and increased access and exposure to movement can lead to a higher success rate for those in recovery programs. Unfortunately, individuals seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addictions are at a disproportionate disadvantage to have access to physical activity.  Finances, time, stigma, and a variety of others all play a role in this disadvantage, and we plan to change that.

Thank you for taking the time to read about The Move for Mind Foundation! We believe a moving world is a healthy world, and together we can move towards stronger mental health within our communities. Movement can save lives, and we need your help!

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