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Moran Foundation

Funding Research & Education in Pathology & Medicine

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Our History

Founded in 1969, the Moran Foundation is an IRS accredited 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to Funding Research in Pathology and Medicine. We focus on recognizing brilliant young researchers early in their careers.  This recognition  advances their credibility and assists them in pursuing further research grants and studies from CDC, NIH, major universities and private companies. 

Our website is www.moran-foundation.org where you can peruse some of the extensive research that has been accomplished over the last 50 years plus the other programs and awards we have sponsored. The topics are deep and wide.

From its inception, the Moran Foundation has gifted millions of dollars to such organizations as the Baylor College of Medicine, Weill-Cornell Research Institute, Mt. Sinai Hospital Research Institute and the Methodist Hospital Research Institute.  All of this has been internally funded without ever asking for public donations. This has been accomplished with minimal operating overhead with no payroll employees, a small office for records keeping & storage, a telephone and paying the accountants for the annual submission to the IRS.

I cannot think of any other charitable organization accomplishing so much on so little.

Our Need

In March 2020, the COVID-19 induced market crash severely impacted our funding base and has put the Moran Foundation in danger of not only being unable to carry out its mission but putting its very existence in jeopardy.

Because there is no payroll, the Foundation was unable to tap the government sponsored Payroll Protection Plan funding. Imagine operating in a manner to maximize charitable program funding instead of payrolls and then having that approach negatively impact the ability to access emergency funding from the Federal government and you get the very definition of irony.  The best the Foundation could do was get a $10,000.00 disaster loan from the Small Business Administration to stay in operation and that loan must be repaid.

Our Request

All of that brings us here to the very first public appeal for help in over 50 years of the Moran Foundation’s existence.  At the same time, the Foundation’s program of supporting research and the researchers in Pathology at some of the nation’s most recognized institutes could never be more important. Pathology research is where the prevention and cure of COVID-19 and so many other diseases that cause human misery starts and succeeds.  The Moran Foundation program has never been more necessary than today.

Traditional fundraising often involves public charity events such as fun runs, charity concerts, parties and the other usual methods we have all seen. However, given the COVID-19 situation, like many other charities, all of those methods are simply unavailable to us. Furthermore, given our traditional operating approach of keeping our overhead expenses as low as possible, these events don’t necessarily fit with us as some of the fundraising goes to cover the event expenses.  We want to keep it simple, direct and efficient. We don’t want to waste your money nor ours when the real needs are so great.

In that light, the Moran Foundation is holding its first ever Capital Campaign to raise money for Research.  

With our 501(c)3 charitable organization status, every donation, large and small, is fully tax deductible and the donor will receive documentation from the Foundation for their records and tax reporting.

It is our hope to raise at minimum $100,000.00 to keep our programs running.  If we can achieve $250,000.00 we would be grateful to all who understand how critical this is and we would be thrilled for the researchers who will be the ultimate beneficiaries of our programs.  Given our current situation with COVID-19 and the disastrous effect it has had on so many people and the entire economy, Research in Pathology is the path forward to solve this and all future public health issues.

Our Thanks

Please help us. In our 50 years of existence we have never asked for help before and we never want to ask again.

However, these are extraordinary times and they call for extraordinary actions.

Help us to enable those whose medical research helps us all now and into the future. 

It’s really that simple.

Thank you.

The Moran Foundation