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Mooresburg Community Association

The MCA has been feeding our isolated seniors for 18 years. In 2001 we started with 6 people and prepared and delivered about 70 meals a month. Today we have 80 people on our program and we are preparing and delivering 2200 meals a month. Mooresburg, Tennessee is a very rural unincorporated community with no public services. There are a lot of our neighbors who are from a generation which worked hard, raised families and took care of each other. Now they are alone and the Mooresburg Community Association is taking care of them, providing meals and companionship so that they can remain in the home that perhaps they built or at least have lived in for many decades. Without the services of the MCA, an unwanted move to a long term care facility would be their only choice. HELP THE MCA TO CONTINUE THIS VITAL SERVICE TO OUR MOST VULNERABLE FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS.

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