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Montclair Soccer Club

Oakland’s premier non-profit, community-run soccer club.

http://www.montclairsoccerclub.org Tax ID 94-2935188



Montclair Soccer Club, Oakland California, was founded in 1969 and has been organizing soccer in Montclair and other neighborhoods of Oakland for almost 50 years. The second generation of MSC players is now on the field and former players have become coaches, referees and MSC board members – expanding a lifetime connection to the Club and a lifelong love for the game. Montclair Soccer Club is a non-profit organization run largely by volunteers striving to collectively create a supportive community that will allow our kids to thrive in youth soccer and build character as young people.


Personal: To instill the value of hard work, perserverence, respect for others (and themselves), and teamwork in all of our players.

Technical: To enable players to play both creative attacking and possession retention soccer, based on the situation when we have the ball and to win it back as quickly as possible when they have the ball.