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Montbello 2020

Our focus is on community health, connectivity and providing supplemental food options.

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MontbelloWalks is  a  subsidiary of  Montbello  2020,  Registered Neighborhood Organization and  501(c)(3)  committed  to  better  the  overall health  of  our  residents  through  walking, biking,  hiking,  herbal  hunts,  field  day  events  and  making  community connections  for  every  participant.    

Our “Food for Seniors” program started with the Mayor’s Stay At  Home Orders. We purposed to find and feed all of Montbello’s elders who  are in need; and to help keep them safe by keeping them off public  transportation and out of the grocery stores.

Since  2017, Montbello Walks has been providing the Senior Steppers with  weekly deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy  supplemental food options. The Senior Steppers are a dynamic group of  cultural richness with participants ranging in ages 63 to 92.   We  gather weekly for walks in the park, mountain and herbal hikes, attend  various city-wide outdoor festivals to exercise and engage with others.   Within months of providing food to this group we noted remarkable  improvements in appearance, attitude, endurance, balance and increased  enthusiasm.  Seeing these improvements, Montbello Walks added a weekly  Healthy Seniors Cooking Class where we all came together to share the  many ways fruits and vegetables could be prepared.  Our elders prepared  meals from China, Vietnam, Ghana, Nigeria and Mexico.  We also taught  how to make healthy and nutritious smoothies. Everyone fully enjoyed  preparing meals for each other and we had so much fun together in the  kitchen!

By the summer of 2019 our elders were in such good shape that Montbello Walks hosted Denver’s very first “ Senior Olympics” - Community Field Day Event!  Oh yes, our elders were running for the Blue Ribbons!  They truly inspired our community to move it’s butt.

Then  COVID-19 Hits and it hits Hard.  Since March 2020, Montbello Walks has  increased the number of food deliveries from 16 bags once a week to the  Senior Steppers; to distributing over 195 bags of food each week to  elders in need.   Our outreach and home deliveries are steadily  increasing.  On May 9, 2020 we coordinated a delivery of nearly 6,000  pounds of food in partnership with Kaizen Food Rescue at a Food  Distribution PopUp where we were able to feed 392 individuals.

Unfortunately, the need for food in Montbello does not end with the lifting of the Stay At Home Orders.  We anticipate feeding our community throughout the  year and possibly into 2021.

We must also concentrate on feeding our kids.  As parents begin to try and  put the pieces of their lives back together, food assistance will  feed  their  families and  greatly ease their stress.  Food Donations can be made by contacting me, Pam Jiner at 720-620-5735 to arrange a pickup.  Thank you!