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Monroe Mandolin Camp

Preserving and Promoting Original Bluegrass MusicThrough Education

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The mission of Monroe Mandolin Camp is to preserve and promote traditional roots and bluees influenced Bluegrass Music as created by Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass Music.  We do this by presenting programs that help players undersatand the culture that created bluegrass music, while giving them techniques they can apply to their own musical performance.  By preserving this performed and recorded music, we use the transformative power of music to foster relationships while building community worldwide; we educate contemporary music enthusiasts about the fundamental building blocks, stylistic elements and techniques unique to traditional bluegrass music.  MMC seeks to provide access to the arts for traditionally underserved artists and constitutents, including people of color, people with disabilities, children and youth, people living in rural communities or isolated settings, and senior citizens.  MMC strives to have a multi-county, national, and international impact, bringing traditional bluegrass lovers together for a musical dilogue.  These participants then continue these musical dialogues in their home communities and countries, ensuring the continuation of this truly original American musical form.