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The main purpose of MOLDREC Association is to reduce environmental pollution with waste electrical and electronic equipment and avoid an ecological disaster that can happen in case of inadequate management of this waste.

The main objective of MOLDREC’s activity is taking over the waste electrical and electronic equipment management obligation from polluters (manufacturers/ importers/ distributors/ consumers of electronic equipment) in order to fulfill their obligations regarding the importance of correct waste electrical and electronic equipment management.

Strategic acting lines of MOLDREC are contoured in order to conform with the European Union’s requirements of waste electrical and electronic equipment management, at the same time respecting the basic principles stipulated in the environmental legislation, such as next:

- Creating an efficient and transparent management of waste electrical and electronic equipment by promoting collecting and treatment solutions at national level;

- Develop a partnership with local public administration authorities to reduce the quantity of waste electrical and electronic equipment disposed of as unsorted municipal waste;

- Implementation of educational and public awareness programs concerning the importance of the selective collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment;

- Cooperation with other organizations, regardless of the legal form, can be either associations or commercial companies;

Project activity:

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment remains to be a significant source of environmental pollution in the Republic. Moldova, as long as no concrete steps are taken to determine a correct management of them.

Electrical waste is much more dangerous that other types of waste, for the reason that they contain toxic substances and are not biodegradable. Storing them randomly seriously affects environment, so they must be collected selectively and treated in ecologically-rational way.

Currently, in accordance with Directive 2012/19/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council adopted on July 4th, 2012, about waste electrical and electronic equipment - the target quantity applicable in the EU from 2007 for collecting WEEE is 4 kg/capita.

Statistics say that in Republic of Moldova for the period 2010-2027 is expected that the amount of WEEE placed on the local market will rise from 6.5 kg/capita in 2010 up to 13.4 kg/capita in 2027. In period 2010-2027 total amount of WEEE will grow from 23.2 thousand tons in 2010 to 44.2 thousand tons in 2027. At the moment no measures were taken in order to diminish the amount of e-waste in the country and to reduce its harmful effects, as well there were not implemented activities for solving the problem of collecting the WEEE in Republic of Moldova.

In order to implement measures to solve the problem of WEEE environmental pollution, MOLDREC association proposed for a period of 2 months in the districts of Singerei and Basarabeasca to organize informational and public awareness activities, on the topic of recycling and waste management importance, and also activities of mass collecting WEEE from referred districts residents through organizing public collection actions "my City without the WEEE".

The association MOLDREC in collaboration with local authorities (town hall Singerei) and with environmental NGOs (Association “White Swan” original “Lebada Alba”) aims to organize and develop informational, awareness-raising and ecological education actions on the environmental protection issue, by publishing informational brochures, informative leaflets, informational banners and posters, promoting informative spots on local television and radio stations, and last but not least organizing collecting waste electrical and electronic equipment activities.
Target group and beneficiaries:

- Residents of Singerei and Basarabeasca districts, aged between 16-70 years, owners and individual users of old or non-functional WEEE ;

- Manufacturers, importers, distributors of electrical and electronic equipment from Basarabeasca and Singerei districts;

- Businesses and organizations;

- Local environmental NGOs;

- Local public authorities, etc.


The goal of the campaign " My city without WEEE" implies as final result reducing environmental pollution with waste electrical and electronic equipment in the districts covered by the project and also to avoid an ecological disaster that can happen in case of inadequate waste management. A result that can be obtained through organizing awareness-raising activities, for increase awareness and inform population about the importance of correct waste management, about selective waste collecting, recycling of old, broken or non-functional WEEE and also by implementation of an integrated and organized system of collection and treatment WEEE.


- Sharing of informational materials with the aim of raising public awareness regarding the risks and harmful effects of WEEE on environment and health;

- Promote the culture of collection, recycling and disposal of old and non-functional WEEE.

- Run 3 waste electrical and electronic equipment mass collection actions from Basarabeasca and Singerei residents;

- Collection of about 2 kilograms of WEEE per resident of the town where will take place collection actions.


The idea and structure of the project will remain available after the end of the project, and we will create a portfolio for other further informative activities in Singerei and Basarabeasca districts.

MOLDREC will continue WEEE collecting and processing activities through and with support of the involved organizations and local authorities, also we will develop partnerships with local actors in order to reduce pollution with e-waste.

Through the informational campaign, people, organizations and all entities that were involved in the project will obtain useful information and necessary instructions for future environmental protection actions, informed individuals will have the opportunity to implement in practice their new acquired knowledge in order to support the creation and development of local WEEE collection systems with direct support of the MOLDREC Association.

Immediately following activities that will develop MOLDREC will be: Continuing to promote public awareness and ecological education; continue collecting WEEE; assistance and support for creating and developing of WEEE collecting networks in Singerei and Basarabeasca districts.



1) Pilot project for "Colecting WEEE" launched in July this year, in cooperation with RecWaste SRL company (July - Octmber 2013). In process of this pilot project were collected 15. 000 kg of waste electrical and electronic equipment from various organizations such as OSCE, Consumer Protection Agency, Institute of Continuing Education, Agricultural State University of Moldova, “Komsomoliskaya Pravda” newspaper agency, National House of Social Insurance, Chisinau International Airport, Prime Capital, the National Bureau of Statistics, the Licensing Chamber, the National Institute of Standardization and Metrology, National Youth Council of Moldova and the Institute of Economy, Finance and Statistics from Republic of Moldova.

2) Social-environmental protection action of WEEE collection in support of Chisinau citizens named “Chisinau without WEEE”, self-financed and based on volunteer's work. As result were informed a huge number of Chisinau citizens by mass media news and were collected more than 500 kg of household WEEE from individuals;

3) Participation in environmental committee for drafting the legislative framework on the regulation of WEEE management in the Republic of Moldova;

4) Designing the “Collective EEE Producer Take-Back Responsibility System” in partnership and with the support of the Ministry of Environment.


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