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Missouri Court Appointed Special Advocate Association

The Missouri Court Appointed Special Advocate Association (MOCASA) supports, improves, and grows local Court Appointed Special Advocate programs and leads advocacy efforts for abused and neglected children across Missouri.

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Our Purpose

MOCASA is the coordinating agency for CASA programs throughout Missouri.  There are currently 23 CASA programs in Missouri serving 25 of the 46 Judicial Circuits.

MOCASA, together with its affiliate programs, provides support and promotes court-appointedvolunteer advocacy for Missouri’s abused and neglected children so they may thrive in safe, permanenthomes.

MOCASA and its 23 affiliate CASA programs work cooperatively with the Department of Social Services,the Circuit Courts and other child service agencies to improve the lives of abused and neglected childrenin Missouri.

MOCASA cultivates resources, improves systems and advances public policy to further the CASAmovement in our state. MOCASA does not provide direct services, but provides support and funding forits 23 local programs and is focused on expanding CASA programs throughout the state.  If you wouldlike to learn more about starting a CASA program in your area, please contact Leanne Reese, Executive Director or Click Here.

Our Contribution

In 2019, CASA programs in Missouri, including nearly 2,000 volunteers and staff, served over 5,000 abused and neglected children.  While this is a great accomplishment, more CASA volunteers are needed. Last year, there were more than 13,500 of Missouri’s children in the state’s custody, leaving over 8,500 children without a CASA volunteer to lift up their voices.

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